Perhaps one of the oldest form fencing made out of MS wire. But yet of great utility in topping high security fencing like Anti climb mesh, or by itself where the intent is to keep away the cattle.

At Aravali fence, we can provide this product in various forms. The most conventional is the double stranded line wire with the barbing wire (4 point Iowa type) at a certain pitch. Specifications offered in this class are:

Barbing wire with double stranded line wire specifications:

Line wire Barbing wire Pitch
2.5mm 2.0mm 75mm (3 inch) to 150mm (6 inch)
2.0mm 2.0mm 75mm (3 inch) to 150mm (6 inch)

Zinc coating on Barbed wire can vary from commercial grade to heavy gal (275 gsm).

Aravali also offers PVC coated barbed wire which further improves the life of the product. This product is usually offered with both the line wire and barb wire specification of core wire diameter 1.8mm and outer diameter 2.6mm.

A new product added under barb wire category is a single strand barb wire – in this wire the line wire is a single wire instead of a double wire, and this single wire is high tensile wire, which makes cutting of this wire difficult. Often two lines of this wire are placed close to each other and clipped at certain periodic intervals.

Have a look at our Barbed wire below: