Drone Mitigation Fence

Anti Drone Fences

Aravali Fence LLC’s Tank Detection anti-projectile drone mitigation fence protects critical assets and infrastructure from hostile projectile attacks


Drone Mitigation Fence, also known as anti-drone fence or anti-projectile fence, is built to safeguard your asset from objects that are thrown or shot forwards with force.

Aravali Fence LLC in Dubai, UAE proactively became the only fencing company to work with global market leaders manufacturing very high strength steel mesh to provide an option to secure the asset from all sides and the top at the same time. We have presciently chosen the right market leaders who could provide the right product for this engineered solution. The unique design of the Anti-Projectile Drone Mitigation fence gives vitality to the structure. The design comprises three major competent elements: 3-D Space Lattice Columns, High Tensile Rhomboid Mesh, & Stay Cables. 

Aravali Fence LLC manufactures and supplies anti-drone fences in Dubai, UAE.


Anti Drone Fence is a highly customized product and the dimensions can vary as per the requirements. 

At Aravali Fence we understand that one solution might not fit all. We help in designing a complete solution package by understanding the security threats at site and selecting suitable combinations of products and integrating all of them.


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