Camera Pole

Camera Pole

 Aravali Fence LLC provides camera poles for surveillance in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).


Aravali Fence LLC Camera Poles in Dubai, UAE are highly engineered & designed especially for critical & high-security installations that require a highly stable video feed for analytics & surveillance with excellent features. It has one of the lowest vibrations due to wind which helps steady the camera feed. It has high strength & can withstand a wind load of 165 km/h. It has a removable cover at the bottom which gives convenient access to cables & control cards. A Thermoplastic coat of up to 1000 microns on a hot dip galvanized surface is applied which greatly increases the corrosion resistance of camera poles. It is provided with a bolt at the bottom for easy connection with the earthing pit. Aravali Fence LLC in Dubai, UAE provides Camera Poles that are easy to install. Aravali Fence LLC provides camera poles for surveillance in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).


Camera Pole - Long Life

Long Life

Excellent corrosion resistance as the entire pole is Hot dip Galvanised after fabrication.

Camera Pole - Low deflection


Very low deflection ensures a stable camera feed.

Camera Pole - Convenient Earthing Connection

Convenient earthing connection

A Bolt has been provided at the bottom of the pole for easy connection with the earthing pit.

Camera Pole - Convenient Access

Convenient access to cable and control cards

Cables and control electronics can be housed inside the pole and comes with a removable cover.

Camera Pole - High Strength

High strength

The pole is designed to withstand a wind load of 165 kmph considering heavy payload of the CCTV fixed on it at the top.

Camera Pole - Easy Installation

Easy installation

Provision for seamlessly mounting the cameras as per the requirements.


Camera Pole is a highly customized product and the dimensions can vary as per the requirements. 

At Aravali Fence we understand that one solution might not fit all. We help in designing a complete solution package by understanding the security threats at site and selecting suitable combinations of products and integrating all of them.


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