Aravali Fence

Chainlink Fence

Tried and Tested rhombus or diamond shaped fence suitable for a wide variety of applications. Available in different wire diameters, mesh sizes, coatings, structures and heights to cater to different site requirements and conditions


Easy _ Fast Installation

Easy & Fast Installation

Entire metal chainlink fence system is assembled using clamps, nuts, bolts and other accessory. Hence there is no need of welding or fabrication on site, making it easy to install. as the mesh is flexible, it can be wasily installed on slopes and uneven terrain.

Long Life

Long Life

The fabric is either made from 275 GSM zn or ECOZAL (Zn 90% + Al 10%) wire which gives it long life. For extreme corrosive environments, it can be additionally coated with either PVC, glued PVC, Fusion Bonded or PA6. Posts and Clamps are Hot dipped galvanized and can either be coated with PPC or TPC.

Transport & Handling

Transport & Handling

Compaction of chainlink rolls by automatic machines greatly increases loadability thereby reducing transport costs. Compacted rolls are also easier to handle

Standard Specifications


Mesh Size


Wire Diameter



Coating Standards


Fabric Length


GalvanizedPVC Coated
25 x 25

2.00  – 4.00

(As per

BS EN 10218-2)

ID 1.40/OD 2.00 –

ID 4.00/OD 5.00

(As per

BS EN 10218-2)

Galvanized: ASTM 392 Class 1 & 2

ASTM A641 Class 3,4,5 / A,B,C

BS EN 10244-2 Class A,B,C & D

PVC Coating: BS EN 10245

10 – 25
50 x 50
65 x 65
75 x 75
Post SectionDiameterCoating
Circular hollow Section


(ASTM A53 & BS EN 1387)

Hot Dip Galvanization:

300GSM to 610GSM

(ASTM A53, ASTM F1083 & BS EN 1461)

PVC: Min 250 Microns

Polyester Powder Coating:

60 – 80 Microns

Multiple options available