Aravali Fence

Concertina Coil

Razor blade coils installed on the fence providing and added layer of security against climbing and is resistant to corrosion


Increased Security

Coil Diameter

Coils are available in multiple diameters to match security requirements and site conditions. Bigger loop size gives more height and width making a more difficult to intrude, however, it consumes more space

Blade Profile Options

Balde Profile Options

We can increase the deterrence level by using a different blade profile.
Deterrence level      Blade Profile

*                                  Small
**                                Medium
***                              Long
****                           Tear
*****                         Fishook


All our Concertina Coils are made from heavy galvanized 275 gm steel. For more corrosive environments, we can also make them in Stainless Steel 304/316 grades

Blade Profile Options

Short Blade

Medium Blade

Long Blade

Tear Blade

Fish Hook Blade

Standard Specifications


Diameter range450mm – 1000mm
Core wire diameter & Tolerance2.50mm
Blade Thickness & Tolerance0.40mm to 0.60mm
Blade MaterialGalvanized Sheet, SS430, SS304, SS316
Tensile Strength1250 – 1350 & 1350 – 1550N/mm2
Wire MaterialGalvanized Wire, SS204Cu, SS304, SS316
Blade ProfileShort BladeMedium BladeLong BladeTear BladeFish Hook Blade
Blade Length10mm22mm65mm30mm66mm
Core wire diameter2.50mm2.50mm2.50mm2.50mm2.50mm
Distance between Barb25mm35mm100mm50mm101mm
No. of loop per coil5656565656

Multiple options available


International Borders

International Borders

Perimeter Security

Perimeter Security

Rapid Deployment Barrier

Rapid Deployment Barrier