Delay Rated Fences

AKAT Delay Rated Fences are the most secure range of fences, which provide a minimum guaranteed intrusion time as per ASTM and ROP standards which makes it the ideal choice of fence for protecting critical infrastructure and political borders



Delay rated fences are a special type of high security fences which are meticulously designed & engineered to block the intrusion for a guaranteed period of time known as “Delay time”. This delay helps to plan the quick response team  thereby eliminating the loss of life & property. These fences are made as per ASTM F2781-15 standard. The delay times are classified as per the following three scenarios:

Delay time is low using hand tool


using only hand tools

Delay time is medium using light power tools


   using light power tools

Delay time is aggressive using powerful cutting tools


using powerful cutting tools

AKAT Fence is one of our premium offerings in delay rated fence series providing optimum protection & delay time against the worst of the intrusions. Our other variants include Spiral & Rakshak which are specially designed for suitable applications


Certified delay/forced Entry resistant

Delay / Force entry resistance rating

Aravali fence offer ROP and ASTM compliant forced entry resistant rated fences for political borders and sensitive areas.Our fences are certified by approved organisations like BRE Global & SWRI.

Delay rated reinforced rigid security system

Reinforced Rigid Security System

The outer edge of the fence panel is made from anti climb mesh, making it difficult to climb

The middle component is RHS tubes with proprietary infill which makes it extremely difficult to cut using aggressive power tools like Circular Saw, Disc Grinder, Rotary & Hammer Drill, Hole Saw

The inner edge of the fence panel is made from Flat Bars which imparts rigidity and strength

This makes it an impenetrable security barrier

Delay rated abrasion and corrosion resistant

Abrasion and Corrosion Resistant

The EverBond coating of upto 800 microns protects the substrate from abrasion due to friction from sand and corrosion due to salinity present in external environment.

TPC (Thermo-Plastic Coating) is compliant to C-5 corrosion resistance suitable for areas in proximity to sea and abrasion resistance in a sandy environment.

Standard Specifications

Product Name








Delay Time


AKAT 300-60 AlphaRHS – 120×602.5 – 62495TPC5.5 – 25
AKAT Pro 62438.4TPC


Perimeter Security

Perimeter Security