Aravali Fence

Electric Fence

A stylish, strong and customisable fence which beautifies your perimeter also making it more secure


Powerful but Safe Shock

Powerful but Safe shock

It gives a very strong but non lethal shock upon intrusion which creates a psychological barrier for the intruder. It adheres to IEC 600335:2:76 standard.

Intrusion Alert

Intrusion Alert

It gives an alarm if an intruder tries to cut or short the wires. This makes it extremely difficult to evade the fence. Alarms are also raised for power loss, communication failure, opening of perimeter gate with delay and tamper of enclosure. Alarm is transmitted through a range of local and remote audio visual notifications along with SMS/EMAIL.

Software Control _ Integration

Software Control & Integration

It comes with Perimeter Patrol Software which has a map based UI and can display Zone wise health and alarm data. It Can be linked with Third party Video Management Systems to integrate with cameras, and security management systems. On alarm, the PTZ camera can cue to the zone that was compromised

Solar Ready

Solar Ready (Optional)

Can be powered with Solar in regions with power shortage.

Adjustable Sensitivity

Adjustable sensitivity

We can adjust the threshold alarm between the range of 10% to 90% of the programmed output voltage. We can also adjust the missed pulse count from 1 pulse to 8 pulses, which ensures that the alarm is raised only if the voltage falls below the threshold for a duration of programmed missed pulse count.

Multiple Configurations

Multiple Configurations

It can  be installed on existing walls or fences, or as Freestanding electric fence to suit site requirements. It looks much more sophisticated and aesthetic as compared to barbed wire and concertina coils making it ideal for residential, commercial and industrial setups.

Standard Specifications

5000 - 9000 Volts
4 Joules / zone
Duration of Pulse
1.2 secs
Duration of shock
0.3 milli secs


Perimeter Security

Perimeter Security

Intrusion Detection
Intrusion Detection