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Hand Rails

Hand Rails

Aravali Fence LLC in Dubai, UAE provides handrails that are designed to provide safety and give reassurance for the users

Aravali Fence LLC in Dubai, UAE provides handrails that are designed to provide safety and give reassurance for the users of staircase, walkways and other similar structures. Double line tubular handrail systems designed to relevant American and British standards and loadings. They may be tubular & solid construction or a combination of both. Aravali Fence LLC Handrails are also available in fabricated construction. The materials used for Aravali Fence handrails in Dubai, UAE are Mild Steel and Stainless Steel. The Steel is hot dipped galvanized, primer painted or polyester powder coated for longer life.


Hand Rails - Cost Savings

Cost Saving

No specialized labour, permits or tools are required to install our handrails which makes them cost saving up to 50% on labour.

Hand Rails- Simple to Install

Simple to Install

Unlike a welded solution, Aravali Fence LLC metal railing handrails can be installed by just about any contractor or maintenance personnel. In addition to savings on specialized labour, our system saves you time, allowing you to quickly complete hand railing installation.

Hand Rails - Long Life and Modular

Long Life & Modular

Because our system is modular if a portion of the rail becomes damaged, it can easily be replaced. Additionally, because our solution is not not welded, the surface coating remains intact keeping the railing rust free for many years longer than welded rails.


Aravali Fence offers 2 types of Handrails in UAE

Tubular range

Our tubular range includes:

25 Nominal Bore Shank

32 Nominal Bore Shank

40 Nominal Bore Shank

with various balls sizes to suit 25NB, 32NB or 40NB tubular handrail

The tubular handrail standards (also called as handrails stanchions) are produced using automatic sawing and welding machines and can be supplied as either fully fabricated or knock down conditions to suit your requirements

fabricated Range

Aravali Fence Handrails in Dubai are also fabricated using angles, flat bars, solid pipe, etc. as per the drawings provided.

The handrails are supplied in assembled conditions in various finish: –

Steel – 

Hot dip galvanized, Primer painted, Polyester powder coated

Stainless Steel –

Mill finish, Mirror finish


Hand Rails used as Safety Barrier

Safety Barriers

Hand Rails used at rooftops

Roof Edge Protection

Hand Rails used for machinery protection

Machinery Guards

Hand Rails used in Solar Power Plants

Solar Panel Installation

Hand Rails used as Safety Barrier


Hand Rails used in Water Distillation Plants

Municipal & Water Treatment Facilities

Hand Rails used in Residential Buildings


Hand Rails used in Commercial Buildings