Rapid deployment barriers

Rapid deployment barriers

Manufactured with highest engineering standards, Aravali Fence RDB can withstand impacts of machine gun bullets, artillery & rocket attacks


Rapid Deployment Barrier modules are strong fortification structures made out of welded mesh panels lined by geotextile fabric. Sand /Debris/Stones etc. are used as filler material to provide strength. They are used mainly for rapid installation of bunkers and can be raised to up to 6m height easily. Rapid Deployment Barriers are widely used to create bunkers at a fast pace near international borders. Aravali Fence LLC Rapid Deployment Barriers are used & designed for the protection of personnel at base camp fortifications and army camps in Dubai, UAE. Rapid Deployment barriers in UAE can also be used for fortification of any facility that is prone to external threats. RDBs also called Rapid Deployment Barriers are flat packed and can be easily assembled and extended to the desired length. RDBs can be assembled into war configurations to protect army personnel from bullets and ballistic attacks.They can also be called blast protection fences.  Aravali Fence LLC in Dubai, UAE provides these Rapid Deployment Barriers which act as a defense wall during war. Aravali Fence LLC in the United Arab Emirates provides RBD that can also be used as a ballistic barrier to create shooting ranges, shoot houses, vehicle assault bays, and ammunition storage facilities. Aravali Fence RDB can withstand impacts of machine gun bullets, artillery & rocket attacks. The geotextile is manufactured to withstand high UV rays and provides long life in harsh climates. Manufactured with highest engineering standards, Aravali Fence LLC provides Rapid Deployment Barriers for shooting ranges all over Dubai & the United Arab Emirates.


Simple to Install

Simple to Install

Rapid Deployment Barriers or RDB boxes are transported in collapsible stacks and can be erected into boxes with ease this making them ready for action in no time.

Rigid and Stable

Rigid & Stable

The wires are welded together by a resistance welding process providing high weld strength which keeps the panel rigid and stable. The V bends and additional wires welded at close distance at the bottom provide stability against bending due to sand or stones infill thereby retaining the shape of the RDB.

Rapid Deployment Barriers - Long Life

Long Life

Powder coated panels provide corrosion resistance under harsh environmental conditions ensuring the product longevity.


RDB is a highly customized product and the dimensions can vary as per the requirements. 

At Aravali Fence we understand that one solution might not fit all. We help in designing a complete solution package by understanding the security threats at site and selecting suitable combinations of products and integrating all of them.



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