Crash Rated Guard Rails

Safety Guardrails

Strong and easy to install solution for providing protection against vehicular collision to human and critical assests.


Metal barrier Crash Rated guardrails are W-shaped steel rails made with high-grade steel that are able to sustain vehicular impact and are Hot Dip Galvanized for long life. Crash-Rated Guardrails are impact barriers which are certified as per BS-EN 1317 standards and are tested under the same. Aravali Fence LLC in Dubai, UAE manufactures Crash rated Safety road barrier guardrails as per specific project requirements. The main objective of the crash barrier for the highway is to achieve two results, one being the vehicles do not leave the carriageway and the other that the passengers in the vehicle are subjected to minimum risks due to impact. Aravali Fence LLC is a prime manufacturer and distributor of Highway safety guardrails in Dubai, UAE.


Crash Rated Guard Rails - Long Life

Long Life

The beams and post are hot dip galvanized which improve the life of Guardrails and can remain undamaged upto 10 years

Crash Rated Guard Rails - Tough and Resilient

Tough & Resilient

Capable of withstanding high impacts of vehicles during accidents keeping the driver safe from falling off cliffs or entering the opposite direction.

Crash Rated Guard Rails - Corrosion Resistant

Corrosion Resistant

The galvanized iron prevents the guardrails from rusting & corrosion even in extreme corrosive environments


Crash Rated Guard Rails is a highly customized product and the dimensions can vary as per the requirements. 

At Aravali Fence we understand that one solution might not fit all. We help in designing a complete solution package by understanding the security threats at site and selecting suitable combinations of products and integrating all of them.


Crash Rated Guard Rails at Highways


Crash Rated Guard Rails at Bridges


Crash Rated Guard Rails at Expressways


Crash Rated Guard Rails at Roads


Crash Rated Guard Rails at Mountain Pass

Mountain Pass