Aravali Fence

Weldmesh Fence

Anti-Climb, Anti-Cut fence system and a strong physical barrier with superior visibility  ideal for medium and high security site


Anti-Climb security mesh fence

Anti - Climb

Dense mesh spacing of 76.2mm X 12.7mm makes it difficult to climb restricting the entry of fingers or toes.

Anti-Cut Fence

Anti - Cut

The mesh spacing hinders blocks the cutting tool from getting a grip making it difficult to cut.

Anti-Break mesh fence

Anti - Break

State of the art robotic spot welding technology imparts high strength to the panel mesh making it durable to heavy attack or impact.

Modular and Anti-Disassemble

Modular & Anti-Disassemble

Specially designed clamps & nuts ensures modularity thereby eliminating welding or fabrication on site.

Long life


Eco-friendly power coating provides excellent corrosion resistance, thereby extending the life of the galvanised weld mesh panels upto 10 years.

Clear Visibility

Clear Visibility

The mesh size of 76.2 mm X 12.7 mm does not obstruct the view across the fence which makes the 358 fence suitable for areas under camera surveillance.

Standard Specifications





Mesh Size


Wire Diameter (mm)Coating
2100297176.2 x 12.73 mm3 mmPPC/TPC
2400297176.2 x 12.74 mm4 mmPPC/TPC
1800297176.2 x 12.74 mm4 mmPPC/TPC
3000251576.2 x 12.74 mm4 mmPPC/TPC

Multiple options available


Perimeter Security

Perimeter Security